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This is my fiancé Errol and I, we're getting married on Sept 2, 2001.  

Please click on boat to see more of the Jubilee Queen.

  This is the picture of the cruise ship that Errol and I have chartered for our wedding day, it's called the Jubilee Queen.  We plan on saying our vows on board at 7 p.m, and cruising after that until midnight with family and friends. Click on picture to link to their website.

I have a lot of work to do.  I'm making quite a few things for my wedding including my dress in crochet lace.  Some to the other articles that are being done by us for the wedding include the stage coach envelope box, the flower centerpieces and most of the gifts for our guests.  Errol and I are giving music tapes and CD's as wedding favors, because we're known for our large collection of love songs.  Well Errol certainly has the equipment to produce them, so we have decided it will be our favorite songs to be played at the wedding to be included on the tape/CD's.  As they say ( in your best Barry White voice):

'If music be the food of love.... play on...'

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